From the Ride Snowboards desk:

Sincerely Yours is our first short movie featuring our European riders! We went to meet our local riders in Finland, Norway, Switzerland, France, and Austria to find out where their passion for snowboarding comes from. In this movie, we didn't only want to show the high performance, but also the simple pleasures that make us love snowboarding so much. From a day pow with friends to a spring session, or days and nights on the streets scoping out spots, it's all about what snowboards mean to us!

Filmed and edited by: Guillaume Sturma
Directed by: Bastien Sturma
Featuring: Severin Van Der Meer, Louis Labertrande, Mikko Rehnberg, Jonathan Begley, Pierre Scafidi, Sara Säkkinen, Kristian Skjømming, Maria Hilde, Rasmus Rönkä, Bastien Sturma, Wouter Groot, Thomas Enk, Samuel Ærø, Philipp Hechenberger, Nicolas Palladio and Dario Burch