Snackbreak—"Duetto" teaser



Snackbreak presents Duetto - a winter well spent in Helsinki and Tampere.

Supported by Union bindings, Deeluxe boots and Yuki Threads outerwear.

Featuring Tommi Ollikainen and Joonas Eloranta

Filmed and edited by Tommi Ollikainen and Joonas Eloranta

Assisting cinematography by Heini Luotola and Tuukka Korhonen

Super 8 footage by Risto Järvelin

Soundtrack by Tommi Ollikainen, Joonas Eloranta and King of Spiders

Upcoming premieres:

- November 12th at Kuivaamo, Tampere

- November 13th at Olarin Panimo, Helsinki

- November 20th at Arctic Weekend, Rovaniemi