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strat·o·vol·ca·no /ˌstradōˌvälˈkānō,ˌstrādōˌvälˈkānō/
Mount Hood is a dormant stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc. They are among the most common types of volcanoes, in contrast to the less common shield volcanoes. Stratovolcanoes are characterized by a steep profile with a summit crater and periodic intervals of explosive eruptions. Mount Hood remains an active volcano — meaning that it will erupt again.
Mt.Hood 2023 - ‘Stratovolcano’

Noah Genzink & Charlie Van demark Split Part. This summer Charlie Van Demark got a job operating snowcats camp at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood. Noah Genzink and Joe Trimner also got jobs for the summer at Mt.Hood as camp counselors for the High Cascade Snowboard Camp (HCSC). I flew out toward the end of July to catch a sesh with them and to film as the season was coming to a close.

Riding By: Noah Genzink & Charlie Van
Filmed by: Joe Trimner & Mark Bennett Edited
Produced by: Mark Bennett
Photographs by: Mark Bennett
3D Modeling: Vanessa Trevisan
Music by: Powerplant -Dungen