The Bomb Hole EP. 107—Leanne Pelosi


From the Bomb Hole desk:

"She has been pro for almost two decades riding the streets, parks, and backcountry lines as well as directing, producing, and staring in snowboarding’s top women’s films. This week we discuss making snowboard movies, riding lines, pregnancy, commercial shoots, Runway Films, Full Moon, advice to young snowboarders, and so much more. Leanne has had a long amazing snowboard career that started in the streets of Calgary then progressed to hitting huge backcountry lines.  Join us on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole as we hear firsthand how Leanne went from pursuing a career as a Canadian pro soccer player to becoming an icon in the world of snowboarding as well as her plans for the next step in her career navigating being a mother as well as a pro snowboarder."