The Bomb Hole EP. 62—Aaron Bittner


From The Bomb Hole desk:

"Aaron Biittner has been a pro snowboarder for some time and is now navigating the next steps of his life in the snowboard industry. In this episode we talk getting sponsored, Stoney Hawk, importing snow to hand rails, filming with Mack Dawg, video parts, staying humble, life after pro riding, rock climbing, jujutsu and much more.

Aaron Biittner went from importing snow to hand rails in Salt Lake City filming with F.O.D.T. to traveling the world filming with Mack Dawg Productions as a marquee pro for DC Snowboards. Aaron produced many memorable video parts filming in urban settings as well as the backcountry. Join us as we talk to Biittner about his life as a pro snowboarder and the next phases of his career on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole!"