The Bomb Hole Episode 103—Yung Doli


From The Bomb Hole desk:

"Lucas Baume AKA Yung Doli Is a whole vibe, he paved his own lane in snowboarding from his gear to his trick selection and started his own brand Drink Sexy.  In this episode we talk Homie’s Cooked, Switzerland snowboard scene, snowboard schools, Drink Sexy, Doli’s custom drink menu, ROTY, Twitch, kit crisis and so much more!  Lucas started his career chasing the contest scene but then switched it up pursuing tricks that he wanted to do because they felt good instead of trying to impress judges at snowboard comps.  He quickly realized he was having way more fun infusing fashion into his style and doing the type of snowboarding he loved.  Join us as we sit down with Lucas and find out how he went from double corks in the contest scene to the stylish fashion forward feel good snowboarder that is Yung Doli today on this weeks episode of The Bomb Hole!"