The Ridge Project - Mission Ridge - Snowboy Productions




From Snowboy Desk:
The Projects found it's way to the 100 Laps park at Mission Ridge for it's eighth edition. Here is approximately 1% of what went down over four days in a blur of sun, snow, rain and nonstop rope tow shredding on the east side of the Cascade Mountains.

Filmed and edited by Quin Ellul

Additional filming by D Holcomb, Daniel Salazar and Luke Hahn.
Riders in order of appearance: Charlie Folkert, John Garoutte, Marty Vachon, Jake Antisdel, Patrick McManus, Tony Ceccarelli, Sierra Forcheimer, Lex Hernandez-Roland, Keenan Filmer, Sean Genovese, Michael Hoy, Adrian Mitchell, Joey Peterson, Mike Skiba, Blake Lamb, Fredrik Perry, Iris Pham, Laura Rogoski, Kai Klassen-Ujeski, J DeForge, Darrah Reid-McLean, Egan Wint, Charolette Flowers, River Richer, Caleb Chomlack, Charlie VanDemark, Bryce Bugera, Ryan Pluche, Bryan Bowler, Kody Yarosloski, Nick Fox, Jeff Holce, Ian Keay, Tommy Van & Casey Pflipsen