THROUGH MY FINGERS—by Paid Programming


Riders: Mike Rotsaert, Austin Johnson, Tomi Maletic, Kim Cote, Dan Bubalo, Gregor Zed, Morgan Richter, Kevin Beaudet, Stefan Alvarez, Dawson Mclachlan, Mark Goodall, Vinny Laz, and Jesse Jarrett

Supported by: Sanction Skate & Snow, Switch, Union Bindings, Capita Snowboards, 686, and Herd Agency

Edited by: Jesse Jarrett and Vinny Laz

Filmed by: Jesse Jarrett, Vinny Laz, and Pat Quesnel

Additional Filming by: Quin Ellul, Dawson Mclachlan, Dan Bubalo, Mark Goodall, Finn Westbury, and Manu Calvo