TRACKS - An Arctic Snowboarding Story

  |   Patrick Bridges


This could be the most important link you click today. That is a weighty claim for a snowboarding video but TRACKS - An Arctic Snowboarding Story isn’t trick porn or some self aggrandizing 4k spectacle. It’s a visually stunning representation of what is quickly becoming a reality for riders everywhere, climate change.

While incredible riding is framed by the breathtaking beauty of the Swedish alpine, subtitles describe the enigmatic impact that climate change is having on a region that holds an esteemed place in the history of snowboarding culture. While not being preachy, the narrative of TRACKS serves as a side of vegetables amongst a buffet of desserts. By juxtaposing insane tricks and epic terrain with a simple, resonant, non-judgmental message, filmmakers Viktor Björnström & Kajsa Määttä have done their part to help crack the code of how to hopefully make more riders care about an issue that effects all of us. As for any deniers or riders too lazy to read subtitles, well watch anyways because TRACKS still has plenty of stoke inspiring snowboarding to satiate slackers and skeptics alike.

Written, directed, filmed and edited by Viktor Björnström & Kajsa Määttä

Featuring Kajsa Määttä, Viktor Björnström, Joakim Rasmussen, Björn Lindgren, Anton Forsén, Simon Bonthron, Isa Lindgren Stålnacke, Isolde Lexvall, Albert Björnström m.fl.