Trollhaugen's Human On Board—Vol. 8, Episode 2

From the Trollhaugen desk:

"Every boarder's favorite boarders board s'more in Board Town USA for your boarding pleasure 'cause freakin' boarders gotta board." - The Troll

Translation: The humans of Human On Board perform next level tricks in a way that fellow snowboarders cannot help but envy, whilst also being inspired by said trickery, thus furthering the positive momentum of snowboarding by way of Trollhaugen.

Film and edit: Robbie Weides

Riders: Blake Lamb, Logan Herber, Charlie Folkert, Joey Peterson, Tanner Seymour, Grady Tank, Ben McCabe, Kiefer Ascheman, Nolan Quinn.

Song: Domino - Shovels & Rope