Garrett Mckenzie VS Sam Klein — Semifinals

  |   Katie Kennedy



Game Breakdown

Sam Klein started this Semi Finals round off switch FS 270 that Garrett Mckenzie couldn’t answer. But once Garrett took control of the setting trick, Sam fought to keep up. With a trick book consisting of things like Bs Tailpress 360 out, bs 360 5050 to fs 180 out, and gaps to tailpress through the kink, it was a steep road to climb for Sam Klein. Sam did manage to land a few tricks he had never done before and match a few wild sets, but it wasn’t enough. Sam received his final letter trying to match a backside 180 to switch nose press.  Garrett won the game with a SN and moved onto finals.

Thank you to Bear Mountain Resort, Autumn Headwear, Ikon Pass, 10 Barrel Brewing, Nixon, and Sun Bum for supporting this event!