These long form videos, each extending beyond 20 minutes, have emerged as the year's most compelling works. In an ocean of similarly lengthy videos, discerning what distinguishes a longform movie is a bit of a mystic art. There's no set formula or guideline; the decision-making is as fluid and freeform as the snowboarding showcased within these films. Ultimately, we believe this open-ended approach is not just fitting, but inevitable.






Rated R, produced by Ride Snowboards and Torment, stands as a compelling nominee for Video of the Year. This video is the undisputed street snowboarding flick of the season, with its impressive lineup of some of the best jibbers in the game right now. Directed by Jake Durham and with Art Direction by Cole Navin, the film not only captivates with the talent of its riders but also through its aesthetic. 

Featuring: Savannah Shinske, Jed Anderson, Spencer Schubert, Jacob Krugmire, Dan Liedahl, Jill Perkins, Cole Navin, and Reid Smith.

Produced by: Torment 

Directed by: Jake Durham 

Art Direction: Cole Navin




Knights of the Brown Table by Brown Cinema is notable for its less single-branded focus, instead offering a cross-section of some of snowboarding's most core-facing riders. The video’s distinct blend of hardcore and hip-hop music, with most riders having two songs to their part, adds a unique rhythm and energy to each segment. 

Featuring: Sam Taxwood, Gabe Ferguson, Severin Van Der Meer, Brandon Cocard, Nik Baden, Jared Elston, Blake Paul, Parker Szumowski, Cale Zima, Mason Lemary, and Iikka Backstrom

Filmed by: Brock Nielsen, Jake Price, Jonah Elston, Ian Boll, Dylan Ross, Shane Charlebois, and Willem Jones

Edited by: Brock Nielsen




Beyond Medals’ Casino impresses with a high production cinematic intro that sets the stage for a nice display of powder lines, street spots, and backcountry kickers.  The film's global journey, with filmed locations spanning Laax, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Finland, the USA, and Italy, not only highlights different snowboarding terrains but also brings a variety of cultural influences into the mix. 

Featuring: Kevin Backstrom, Tor Lundstrom, Sebbe De Buck, Ludvig Billtoft, Ulrik Badertscher, Henna Ikola, David Djite, Zak Hale, Mikkel Bang, Sage Kotsenburg.

Edited by: Kevin Backstrom



We are Losers 2

The flick by Lobster snowboards was a movie that impressed all of us with its raw, don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. It’s all the antics you would expect from the Lobster Team with Halldor Helgasson’s triumphant return to releasing heavy footage. 

Featuring:  Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason, Hrund “Hundi” Hanna, Fritdjof "Fridge" Tischendorf, Sparrow Knox, Frank Bourgeois, Birkir “Bucky” Georgsson, Juho Laine

Edited by: Kuske



Flying High Again

The cast alone sets the stage for this Mike Hatchett film into contention with a hearty mix of current top pros and a few cameos from legends making a statement that they are still out there getting footage. A pretty solid cross section of snowboarding, and a movie that undeniably speaks to a broader audience than just the core industry. 

Featuring:  John Jackson, Bode Merrill, Danny Davis, Jason Robinson, Sean Fitzsimons, Dusty Henricksen, Brandon Davis, Elena Hight, Jeremy Jones, Antti Autti, and others.

Directed by: Mike Hatchett





Snowboarding isn’t a science. Well one could argue that to explain how it physically works via science, but as far as the way the industry works? No way. Part of what makes snowboarding so appealing is the lack of specific ramifications for what makes something special. We personally feel the “art vs. sport” argument is rather played out,  but it certainly makes this time of year, when trying to award snowboarding’s most prominent figures, challenging. So while we acknowledge there were likely performances this last year that you may personally feel are being left out, this is our best stab at quantifying that which is intentionally unquantifiable.
To ultimately determine the 2023 award winners Slush has refined a list of opinion leaders who we task with voting on various nominees that we decide upon as a staff.
While we acknowledge there were likely performances this last year that you may personally feel are being left out, this is our best stab at quantifying that which is intentionally unquantifiable.